GGBee is a service for collecting, organizing and analyzing data
on the competitive LoL scenario in Brazil.

Our services are unbiased and help professionals
gain insights and a clearer view of market trends.

Real Data

We collect actual data from CBLoL broadcasts and videos on YouTube. The data is processed between 7 and 10 days after the games are played, which corresponds to the peak of views and interactions.

Informative Infographics

We organize and make available the information collected in informative infographics, which include the exact number of views user interactions (like likes, dislikes and comments), hours watched...

The Competition, Teams and Players

We provide data on aspects of the tournament that interest those who work with LoL on a daily basis. Insights about the competition and its reach, market trends, the best teams and players, all of this you find here.

Share and Support

League of Legends grows every day in Brazil. As this happens, the need for data and analysis that helps to understand this market with enormous potential also increases. Share this content and support the national competitive LoL scenario.